Ask and You Shall Receive

ask and you shall receive

Yes, it is true. Ask and you shall receive--- if you let yourself. The design of this universe is such that you must actively receive what you want. This is the Law of Allowing --- allowing yourself to receive.

It sounds easy. "Of course I allow myself to receive it! What do you mean? It's what I want!"

But is it what you know you deserve? Do you think you should have anything you want? Do you think you have to prove yourself worthy?

Do you think it is too much for you, or too good to be true? If you are having trouble with the Law of Attraction "working" for you (it works without fail for everyone, all of the time) then you are having trouble with believing that "ask and you shall receive" applies to you. 

Most people have a dialogue running inside, whether they are aware of it or not, in constant interference with easy manifestation. We throw up our own roadblocks when we doubt our worthiness, or our strength, or intelligence, or ability to handle what comes.

We don't realize that we are designed to experience all that we can think to experience. We are supposed to enjoy that and have this and feel that and eat this. We are not living on earth to experience lack and limit ourselves. We are meant to have and be and live and learn. Feel and explore. And share the wonderful things we have created! To reach new levels of love and joy, the experience of health, the experience of wealth.

There is no limitation but what we place on ourselves due to misunderstanding who we are and what we deserve. We are worthy by design, not by deed. Think about that for a moment.

Would you walk up to a newborn babe and say, "You deserve to experience lack and loneliness and constant frustration" or would you know the truth? Imagine yourself as that child. The truth is the same for you. You should have all that you can dream of.

Release false thinking and know that you are loved and worthy. Remember that you are deserving! Choose to let yourself have even more than you can imagine.

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